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Living Proof cosmeceuticals was conceived and developed by Harley Street, London. We have learned how the right combination of bio active botanicals not only revitalize the skin and keep it looking younger, but also reduce stress and help balance and remineralize the body in a natural and pleasant manner. This knowledge spurred our research further leading Living Proof to a European Bio-Chemical research organization with 20 years of experience in developing botanical formulations.

Splendina’s skincare line has been under extensive development since1991. All formulations have been stringently tested on a panel of over 150 people comprising of all skin types; male and female, all ages, nationalities, and professions. The results of this testing were spectacular, as no contraindicative or adverse skin reactions were observed on any of the subjects. On the contrary, noticeable improvements were observed within 4 weeks. To discover yourself how Splendina’s Living proof is the finest and most harmonious union of nature and scientific discovery - You need to use it, to believe it.

What makes Living Proof cosmeceuticals different from other seemingly similar products on the market? Simply this- these products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic chemicals or animal by-products are utilized. These environmentally safe products contain a higher percentage of bio-active ingredients than any other similar products. Discover yourself how Splendina’s Living Proof is the finest and most harmonious union of nature and scientific discovery. You need to use it to believe it.

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